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The Tuning Fork is a public affairs talk show on 90fm (WWSP Stevens Point).  90fm is an entirely student-run station broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point campus.  

Featured Stories

Featured Stories short news stories about whatever feels particularly newsworthy at the time.

Portage County Solid Waste Department - spring 2019 -
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Zucchini in Wisconsin - September 2019
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John and Holly were hosts from 2007-2011.

They now raise goats, pigs, rabbits, and chickens on their farm in Almond, WI.

Megan Hogfeldt, DJ Nutmeg, in the 90fm studios. Host 2011-2015

K. belly in the 90fm studios (May 2017)

Photo by Julia Stamp

The Tuning Fork was started by farmer John Sheffy in

spring of 2007 and featured conversations about the progress

of the growing season.  Soon after it started, Holly Petrillo (an

Associate Forestry Professor at UWSP) joined the 

show as a host and the married couple co-hosted

until 2011.  The show held true to its tagline: the

show that tunes you into what's on your fork! 

When John and Holly moved to Almond to start

their own farm, Liberation Farmers, the show shifted

ownership to a UWSP student.  




                                                                                       Megan Hogfeldt hosted and had guests on a biweekly basis to talk about                                                                                                   various things related to the farming and sustainable-living community in                                                                                                                             Stevens Point.  When Megan graduated in May of 2015 she                                                                                                                           invited me to fill her position as the Tuning Fork host.  I am                                                                                                                 am honored to have had that role for the last five years                                                                                                                               and am grateful to WWSP for making the opportunity                                                                                                                                 available.






Feel free to let me know if you enjoy what you hear if you happen to

tune in.


Email to do so, or to get in touch about ideas for

future episodes.



You can tune in every other Thursday evening at 6pm to hear the show.  Listen live, at 89.9 on the dial, or stream it at     

Lake Michigan February 2020
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